Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Politically Conscious! SOLSC Day 1

      I've decided to make my blog more politically conscious, and by that, I mean Gingerism-Conscious. This is troubling, to say the least. The levels of hate crimes are rising more than since the witch burnings!  Here's a Google search for Gingerism, today, it has about 8,770 results, tomorrow probably more, the day after that, god knows. (What is this?),
Related News: I'm going to go and beat up these kids.

With that out of the way, I'm working on The Slice of Life Story Contest, thanks to Nemo's Peer Pressure. Here goes:

     Today we had our writing SOL's today. They were pretty fun I guess. The teacher whose room I was in kind of droned on when explaining the rules to us, becasue none of us had heard them 37 times before. I was tempted to write about Carl Sagan, (I don't want to say the prompt, just in case the writing police are reading this...), and then I realized that I don't really know anything about him. So, I picked Theodore Roosevelt, who is a pretty cool guy, I think. Starting off was a bit difficult, but it was easy afterwards. During the editing phase, I realized I have no self-confidence in my spelling, even though the vast majority of the words I thought were right were wrong. Go Figure.
     I bet you want some kind of lead up to these events, don't you? Ok, I'll comply. So, I was pretty tired after I woke up, and- HOLY CRAP I NEED TO DO MY ENGLISH HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*33 Minutes Later* Ok, that's done, time to continue with the story: -my mouth hurt (Braces Stink), so I decided to do 100 sit-ups, and took some ibuprofen. Things were better. I wolfed down my breakfast, and was about to run out the door, when I realized I needed Balto. If you haven't seen it, you should. It is a great movie, and if you don't like it, you are a terrible cynic who thinks that you are more mature than you actually are (Unless of course, you're an adult, but that doesn't mean you don't like it...). Before TA, I ran upstairs to my English teacher's room, and handed it to her, hoping we would watch it after the movie was over, granted, everyone in my grade would hate it, except for those ones that aren't Terrible Cynics.
     After lunch, we went back to our rooms, and began to work on a project that's due tomorrow, and the teacher turned on the TV, I held my breath, but to my dismay, the movie was not Balto, but, I got over it, THE END.
Yeah, I know, that's a pretty crappy slice of life, but that's all that really happened today. Tomorrow will be better, Tomorrow's always better (Huh, that sounded like I have some depression issue, I don't! I just have a bright outlook on life! It's remarkable how little those two coincide....)

So, my bum levels have decreased enough for me to post my various thoughts from my WRITING NOTEBOOK (See I am using it, just like I promised!) here:

  • A while ago, in math class, my friend, sitting in front of me, pulled out Pokey and Gumbo figures, and a squishy octopus. I pulled out some dinosaurs, army men, and a hot wheels car out of my pocket, and when it was time to do classwork, he just turned around to "Work with us", and we just played with toys for the rest of math class, and did a little work... Our teacher walked up, and asked "What's going on?" My friend who pulled out Pokey and Gumbo responded, "Um, they're for inspiration, we can put them awa-" but before he could finish, our math teacher inturrupted him, "Good enough." and walked away. I love math class. Then, in science, we were taking notes, and I decided to build a ramp. I used my music folder coming down from my binder, which went onto my calculator case propped up on an erasor and my book, and onto the lab table. I let go of my car, it went down the music folder, hit the calculator case dead-on, was airborne for 2-3 inches, it landed back on the book at the right angle, kept rolling, dropped off the centimeter difference to the table, kept going, and 4 inches before the edge of the table, it veered left, and stopped. It was the GREATEST THING EVER. I just stood up in the middle of class and put my arms in the air "Yes!". Then my teacher made me take it apart, but it was definitely worth it. Definitely. 
  • In english, we were supposed to write a paragraph in 3rd person limited, and due in part to a bet with the guy sitting next to me, I wrote 3 pages. I was pretty happy with the results actually, and hopefully I'll get it back, and post it on here. In fact, it's one of those stories I'd continue if I wasn't such a bum. Any encouragement? 
  • Girls, you are too confusing. Just going to say it. I think that every guy ever will agree with me, even William Henry Harrison.
  • Two (Really Different) Songs I'm digging right now: Walking on a Thin Line and Lost Cause. I don't know why, but I'm loving them. Also, The Nightwatchman, AKA Tom Morello (Yeah the one from Rage Against the Machine, guess what, it's acoustic!!) Is pretty amazing, if any of you have "One Man Revolution" I will bake you cookies if I can have it, I'm so in love with Fabled City. (You should check them out, or bug me about it!)
  • This is one really long post. Thank you all for reading this far. Here's something to make it worth your while, and also my opinions on you.

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