Sunday, March 7, 2010

An Average Conversation with Nemo

Well, I didn't really do much today, so here's an average conversation with Nemo, I hope he's ok with this, otherwise, too bad.

what the hell? William Shatner?
Nemo: Presumed dangerous
Red: You know wh was a lame president
William Henry Harrison
Nemo: a bunch of them
what's a man with the big WHH?
Red: A woman?
Nemo: wait that's not a sentence
I meant to say "what's the matter with the big WHH?"
Red: Thursday, March 4, 2010
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Sunday, March 7, 2010
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Fools & Horses
Nemo: huh
how are there other songs
like the ones that aren't on that album you have
Red: Well, you see
I sgned up to get, like, 5 free teacks
But the internetz hates me
Nemo: teacks
wait so what happened
Red: So
If you join thier fanmail
They give you 5 free songs
Off thier ew album
But the internetzzz hates me
Nemo: no typos here, no, I don't see any
Nemo: what makes it a spirit bear
it's just sleeping
somebody go wake it up
Red: You first
Nemo: k
keep watching that stream, you'll see me in a couple weeks when I finish walking there
and then it will be the first spirit bear mauling to be caught on film
I still don't get why it's a spirit bear
Red: Jesus
In bear form
I have no idea
Because it's actually in a trance where it enters the spirit world
I saw this really cool program on the history channel
Earth 2100
Nemo: that's not history
that's the future
Red: And I thought "Dammit all, Nemo was right, and Red was an ignorant d-bag"
The end
Nemo: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
sounds really fuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
Red: "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay" is a palindrome!
Nemo: whooooooooooooaooooooooooohw
oh noooooooo
one of my army men has a broken leg
Red: Oh nooooooooooo
You have two options
Nemo: but the leg is attached to the base, and the base is attached to the other leg so it's just kind of in place
Red: Surgury, which involves fire, and the army man possibly melting/catching on fire, or making a cage and putting one of your dinosaurs in it, and feeding all the wounded army men to the dinosaur
Nemo: hm that second one sounds good
hey so are you going to that fools and horses thing
Red: Which one?
Nemo: the one you copy and pasted I guess
like the address was in baltimore but then why else would you copy and paste it
it boggles the mind
Red: Oh
I just put that up for no good reason
Nemo: oh
that makes sense
Red: Indeedy
Nemo: indeedily dokey-ly
Red: Yep
Nemo: so
you should do the slice of life story challenge
Red: ?
Nemo: it is a challenge
where you write a slice of life thing every day for a month
and then you obtain great riches
one of those three things I made up
Red: Oh
The challenge part?
Nemo: yeah
Red: Huh
Nemo: there are assuredly great riches
Red: I thopught it was, like, this writing challenge, where you had to right a 3 page story about a slice of your great grandchild's life
Nemo: great riches in PERSONAL GROWTH
yeah I have no idea why I'm doing it
I just sort of am
nah just a slice of your life I guess
Red: Ok
When does it start
Treat: um two days ago
you do it on your BLOG
Bryan: WOAH
Red: So
Sent at 5:41 PM on Wednesday
Red: huh
We should start a band
Nemo: yeah dude
I just need to get an electric guitar
also when are we going to play simplified dungoens and dragons with dinosaurs and army meN?
Red: HHHHHHHmmmmr
1 sec
Sent at 5:46 PM on Wednesday
Red: Hahaha!
Sent at 5:51 PM on Wednesday
Red: But 1 more minute
Nemo: aw I don't want to read all of that
Red: i'm looking for it...
Still looking...
Sent at 6:01 PM on Wednesday
Red: Oh
But those were the rules!
Nemo: oh wait what
put it back up
Sent at 6:06 PM on Wednesday
Nemo: ok
this looks promising
I may even read it soon
you should do the slice of life challengezzzz
Red: I should
In a bit
I'm making my blog more pollitally concious
Nemo: !!
Red: And by pollitically, I mean, Gingerism
Nemo: haha I KNEW IT
you guys are like the Black Panthers except racially inferior to whites
Red: But this is serious man
Wanna boycot south park?.
Nemo: sure I don't watch it very often anyway
I more or less stopped after the pee episode
Sent at 6:14 PM on Wednesday
Nemo: what is this
what is this bar on top of your blag
Red: It will make sense in a little bit.
But now I need to do my enlish homework
on the iditarod thong
How long was your jack london thing before formatting?
Sent at 6:38 PM on Wednesday
Red: Hello?
Nemo: um what
Red: Did you get any of that
Nemo: I don't think I did a jack london thing
Nemo: um okay if you say so
I have no idea how long it was
Red: Ok
Sent at 6:44 PM on Wednesday
Nemo: Also if you are writing a thing about Jack London I insist that it be titled Jack London Calling kthxbai
Red: YES
Sent at 7:25 PM on Wednesday
Red: Ok
Sent at 7:46 PM on Wednesday
Nemo: okay time to CHECK THIS SHIT OUT
Red: Have you reded my blogzzz?
Nemo: I am doing so RIGHT NOW
Red: HOORAY!!!!!
*Throws hat in air*
Nemo: what you have a hat
Red: UM
And I just threw it in the air
Nemo: can I safely emote:
*snatches hat and absconds with said hat*
Today we had our writing SOL's today?
Bryan: Huh
I am illiterate
Nemo: kind of ironic, isn't it?
today we had a test on how well we could write today
Red: Just a lttle
Nemo: I think I did really well today
Red: You can quote this conversation
Nemo: also
Girls, you are too confusing. Just going to say it. I think that every buy ever will agree with me, even William Henry Harrison.
Nemo: you know who was a decent president
William Henry Harrison

Red: For all of 2 months
Nemo: huh, I guess the big WHH is also a theory of superconductivity
...and an episode of "Lost"
Red: So
I unjustly criticized William Henry Harrison
He was a pretty decent president, but didn't live long enough to follow up on that
You either die a hero, or live long enough to become the villian
He died a hero
Batman can't do either, becasue he's not a hero
He's just a professional BADASSSSSS
Or, as gordon says, "He's the hero we deserve, but not the hero we need."
But of harvey dent, not twoface, "He was the hero we needed, not the hero we deserved
Sent at 9:28 PM on Wednesday
Nemo: wow is this what happens when I walk away from the monitor for a bit]
I get a fucking novel
about batman and william henry harrison
well sir
blow it up to 350 words and you have yourself a book deal
Red: !
Pretty good, you?
Drat wrong conversation
Sent at 9:33 PM on Wednesday
Sent at 9:59 PM on Wednesday


Nemo said...

I would like the record to show that this conversation is missing parts. I DID say some positive things about William Henry Harrison, while in this post I appear to be a big WHH-man hater.

Red said...

That is true. In fact, you becked him up more than me at first.