Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Huh, my sister just came downstairs and kind of collapsed on the couch next to me and fell asleep. I feel pretty bad for her. Throughout elementary school she had a really hard time getting her work done, she took so long to do her work, and now she's in middle school. There's a lot more work, and it takes her a while to do her homework. When she's done, she collapses, because she's not getting enough sleep. I see a lot of problems compounding here. There's too many distractions nowadays, TV's, Personal Computers, Video games and Ipods  are becoming standard. Often I just come home from school and want to instantly watch TV to blow off the steam from school. By 8th grade, I just hang out with friends for a while, and that works pretty well. Also, Schools give so much homework, and it's difficult for people to transition the first year. But, I see it's better than any alternative really, high school has infinity homework. There's also the problem of peer pressure.remember 6th grade being the age where you were cool the later you stayed up. Now sleep is the cool factor. I recall being really stressed out in 6th grade, for what reason? Homework was nothing compared to now, I wasn't over scheduled like I am now, none of that. I am a lot happier now. I have more friends, more fun, and have learned to take things less seriously, without thinking that life is but a joke, for you and I, we've been through that, and this is not our fate, so let us not talk falsely now, for the hour is getting late!

I got a CD of Bob Dylan and the Band! Live in concert! IT IS GREAT. There's harmonica solos, Bob Dylan sounding like a normal person with the best lyricist ever (Himself), and The Band! Oh man.

So, I was hoping that I would get this blog post done about an hour or two earlier, but dinner got in the way. I'm not going to be posting the story I promised, but here's an improvised story.

    The darkened skies enveloped the street in shadows. It had been weeks since the sun last came out from the unnatural clouds. The city was demolished, as were most of the people, save a few hundred, and the mayor. While the fires burned, the mayor holed up in his office, looking out on the destruction. He was fine wit waiting until FEMA showed up, but his citizens weren't. He turned to the Southern picture window, which looked down on main street.
     A man with a handkerchief pulled over his face stepped over the rubble onto the street, walking North. His footsteps echoed, and dust plumes flew up with every footstep. Two more joined him. The building loomed over them, even from 5 blocks away. Four more joined. The group steadily grew, until the majority of the survivors were marching North on the building.
    The mayor saw the mob, and was taken aback. He turned to the door, when the a the picture window shattered, and the floor around his feet burst into flame.

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Nemo said...

yeah, you are just going to LOVE high school. Also I am probably the first person ever to say this but I actually like Bob Dylan's voice pre-1969 better.