Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year?

Well, the decade is drawing to a close, certianly it was like no other, and I suppose now should be the time for some reflection. So, it's a new year, but it isn't really, sure, over the course of the year we'll probably change, but not right now because of the year change, you know? It's more like a transition, even though it is the start of a whole new calender year and al- OH GOD. SCHOOL IS IN 4 DAYS OH GOD! No!!!! AGHHHH!!!!

Well, to close up this decade, y'all ain't seen nothing yet.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pretzel Baguette!

Mmmmmm Pretzel Baguette....

I got it at Whole Foods yesterday, these were $1.99, and delicious.


Close up!
Whole Foods

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Various Thoughts and Shennanigans

The Donners threw the worst party ever man. Like, honestly guys? Jesus, get some chips or pretzels, or even order a pizza for goodness sake. Worst. Party. Ever.

So, there have been even more evidences of Gingerism these days, and it's honestly not funny. It's just people need someone to insult to be able to say anything funny, and redheads are available targets, because any other minority would get people in trouble, or require guts to joke about, obviously these people have none of these. Look at this for instance.

Shark or Mimic Octopus? You decide. (I think mimic octopuses are cooler...) Got here for more information and whatnot, and spam the voting box! Now go and screw up the democratic process!

Here's a sample from a typical conversation with Nemo:

Red: The donner part must have sucked
No music
No food

who are the donners?
Is it one of santa's reindeer

Like, it doesn't even have to be that great food, but even, like sandwiches would be good
did you see the Torainbow

the torah rainbow?


oh right
that donner party
yeah um
santa's reindeer is not proud of that
but he is glad to say he is drinking less
on average
the nervous breakdowns are getting less frequent
and that liquor store he robbed last month
was an accident

Red: Christ
Remember that crismas when he tried to fly drunk

My client has no comment on that christmas at this time

It took a hazmat team 3 months just to clean up the intestines
No to mention the blood

Treat: All evidence toward such an event is circumstatial

Treat: victims were reimbursed and Silenced.
why is it an inspirational poster
Bryan: ?

Treat: it is not inspirational, or ironically melancholy

Bryan: Yeah

Treat: it is rather, completely badass and horrifying

Bryan: Yep
The donner party

Treat: like a butterfly that is also a chainsaw

Bryan: Not relating to the reindeer
Must've sucked

Treat: But it's the only party in town

Bryan: So

Treat: anyway screw that you know what really sucks?

Bryan: You could write a comic about it
"Man, those donners threw the worst party of all time."

Treat: You go to jail for littering, chewing gum is illegal, and it has the lowest sex rate in the world
Nah, I think it would go,
"Donner, party of five?"
"Nevermind. We're full"

Bryan: "Yeah, the donner party, like, jesus, bring some chips and pretzels or something, or at least order a pizza!"

Treat: anyway singapore is like totally dystopian but real

Bryan: "....Yuo do realize what the donner party was, right?"
"Yeah, like the worst party ever!"
" they ad to eat thier parents because they got lost on the way to yukon."
"Oh crap."

Treat: "Haha I knew about that becuase it was in another comic"

Treat: and it should totally be a word
but anyway

Bryan: "Boom headshot"

(Around this point Nemo elaborated on how he was going to rip out my intestines with a rusty nail, I have elected to not include it...)


Bryan: Two "m"'s



Bryan: Yeha

Treat: yeeeeeeeha!

Bryan: Bang bang!
I'll get you sherrif!

Treat: yell never get me gold! sweet sweet GOLD!
so do you rerad MSpaint adventures?

Bryan: n
plus I'm playing tetris
5 minutes

That's about it, thanks for reading, sorry for not posting all of last week!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dammit xkcd!

Well, I thnk that xkcd copied my rant about daylight savings time. Eh, they didn't really copy me, but, Randall Muroe must have read my rant! Or he had his mind set up to my brain's wavelentgh at the time of posting, and so he made the comic.

I have even more respect for Randall Munroe now. Not only would it make a cool movie, it but it's so true! That is how I'm going to die.

The image is from

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kurt Cobain > Vampires

Ok, so, somehow vampires recently became the vheicle for teen angst, thanks to the Twilight series, but they're so lame! All Stephinie Myer did was make Vampires lamer and make them Sparkle in the sunshine! Really? I'm not going to read the twilight series, but I beleive I know the gist of it, and it sounds like Stephanie Myer just copped out and made vampires lame.
Meanwhile, Kurt Cobain, while, he may have ripped off Dinosaur Jr. and Niel Young, he invented something new, and tons of emo teens too heart in his music, as oppose to trying to be vampires and looking like idiots. I mean, sure he may have screwed up some people's lives when he commited suicide, but they got over it when they became adults, and he shot himself in the head with a shotgun, that's pretty hardcore. Shooting yoyrself, with a SHOTGUN, how do you even do that? Kurt Cobain was what, 5'9", 5'10"? The trigger is, 3-ish feet fron the end of the barrel, how could you reach the trigger?!
Anyway, Kurt Cobain is way cooler than vampires, any day of the week. I would say that he's cooler than the Crow, but, I man, the Crow is A: Immortal, and B: Would kick my ass if he found out I said that...

Sunday, December 6, 2009


NASA, This is what I would like to be able to see from Earth Plz.

ok, Everyone, post this picture everywhere with the caption above.


Well, I was going to write about how Kurt Cobain is better than Vampires, but I'll have t osave that for later, becasue this is my 101st post!!

My 100th post talks about one of my life goals, beating Tetris, while it was (unknowingly) one of my other goals, get 100 posts on my blog.

Look at all that's happened since the begging of this blog, a couple stories, a couple pictures, a lot of non-sequiter crap. I convinced Nemo to get a blog, found other people's blogs, added Russian Quotes, added Tetris, Tetris stopped working, collaborated with Nemo and Crazy Dude, somehow managed to get subscribers, Learned that I can't spell, learned that I don't know when a sentence is long enough, ranted, and amny other things.

Thank you ll for reading my blog so far! Let's see where we are in the next 100 posts!

And if you haven't followed this long enough to get all of the weird nostalgia, USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! WOOO!!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I Win

I just beat the Marathon mode of tetris. You heard me. I just beat Tetris.

Friday, December 4, 2009


So, I have stars all over my forearm, it's a long story. There are 12 of them. I think that they would be a pretty cool tattoo, but, they are kind of feminine, so, if you're a girl and reading this, you should totally get a tattoo just like the stars on my arm. If you do, I'll think that you are A: a really cool person, and B: Really Gullible.