Wednesday, March 10, 2010


      Well, today after school, I walked home with my little sister.And, for some reason unbeknownst to me, she brings her skateboard to school every day, but she doesn't ride it... So, there we were, walking across the bridge, with her carrying her skateboard with her. We came near to the end of the bike/wheelchair ramp, and my idea buzzer went off! I threw my backpack down for a stop system, grabbed her skateboard, and ran to the top of the ramp.I sat down on the skateboard, and pushed off. I began going slowly, and then faster, and faster. The metal was diamond cut, or as Nemo says, "Like the cover of Fear of Music", so the wheels made a TON of noise, so much so that you couldn't even hear the explicative I was screaming as I went down. I hit the backpack with my feet, and slowed down enough to stop after 10 or so feet. I wanted to go again, but my sister took her skateboard and walked home. I dashed up to my room, grabbed my longboard, which is pretty lame for anything else, and a pillow, and headed back out. I went down, a little more secure
with the bigger board and less tilt. I went down some more, and then got a call form my friend H. He showed up, and went down. A little later, he decided that we should do two-man lugedeathsled. On the way down, the skateboard moved back an forth in progressively larger amounts, and then I felt that sinking sensation, and we started to tip over. Then, the world spun around a couple times, but I was still sitting on the board, and when we landed, the board's front wheels were stuck in between the slats on the side of the bridge, and we were lying on the bridge in pain. It was worth it. After a few more runs, we decided to switch to somewhere that had grass on both sides, so we went to one of the sidewalks down a hill, just wide enough to go down, but narrow enough that if we fell off, we'd hit grass. We got on, and pushed off the top of the hill, not realizing how steep it was, and flew down. The first half was pretty smooth, but as it flattened out, we began to lose control. I was thrown from the board, and pulled my pillow in front of my face, just in time, as I bit the dust. Then, H landed on top of me, and something hard made contact with my head. Lying on the ground in pain again, we decided it was a great day.

A couple things:
  • Does anyone know where you can buy pet octopi? 
  • You should go to Free Rice, learn to speak with more eloquence, and donate rice!!! Hooray!
  • I got some stories I wrote for English back, so expect those in the next couple days.
  • Yep, that's a picture of a dinosaur I spent at least 30 minutes on after a test yesterday.

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