Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a Great Title, Just kidding, it sucks.

    I'm back guys! So, just when I think that life is getting boring, life comes and punches me in the face with awesome. But, moving on, here's a rundown of this morning:
    I woke up in the lodge where I was staying at around 6:15, and it was silent. I lied in bed for a while, getting fully conscious after staying up until 12. I got out of my sleeping bag, and sat on the edge of my bed in the empty room, and decided to go downstairs. I knew everyone else was asleep, so I pulled on socks, to muffle my footsteps. The hallway was empty, and my footsteps echoed. I walked down the stairs, and pushed the door open a crack, and slid through. It slammed when I let go of it, or it sounded like it to me. I walked across the meeting-type area with the couches, and realized I wasn't really supposed to be on the girl's floor, but ignored it and walked into the kitchen. I found the hot water machine, and the tea box. I groped in the dark, trying to find out which tea was which. I grabbed to one with the plainest cover, and dropped it in the cup 2/3 of the way full, of course, I didn't know that in the dark room. I grabbed the sugar and poured some into my cup of tea, then walked to the meeting-room thing, and sat on a couch. The rooms were bathed in the grey light of dawn, and I didn't want to turn on the lights. I sat there until 7:10 or so alone, just enjoying the peace. Eventually my friend's dad came down, and then at 7:30 the parents went and woke up all the kids. I just liked the peace of the morning in the pre-dawn grey light. It was peaceful.

  • How do you drink tea without burning your tongue? I like tea, but burnt tongues of mine are my enemy.
  • On Friday I fell off the ground and broke my vocal chords.Go figure.
  • I'm watching Life, and it's pretty great. Related, it would suck to be an octopus. They die after reproducing, sounds like no fun. Meanwhile, being a pygme Gecko looks like fun.

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