Friday, March 5, 2010

SOLSC Day 3!

     Well, nothing much really happened today, except that I realized that I am no good at saying stuff. Also, now I'm watching Snow Dogs, for I am determined to watch every movie about Sled Dog racing made in my lifetime. Are there any others?

     So, a slice of my life, which truthfully isn't that great. Today during lunch, one of the people at my table gave me a handful of raisins. And, me being a cocky son of a gun that I am, I threw them up in the air and caught them in my mouth. I got pretty good at it! I managed to catch 6 in a row too! Of course, about 1/5 went on the floor, so I picked them up. Then the lunch staff person came around and confiscated my raisins. I think that it was worth it.

     Yeah, I know, that was pretty lame, but to make up for it, here's an Instructable I made, all by myself! You could go to the link, or I could just embed this! Also, I personally think that I took pretty good pictures, but, that's me and my low standards for myself...

Dr. Magnetic Dinosaur (Or How I Learned to Stop Searching and Love the Earbuds) - More DIY How To Projects

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