Saturday, March 13, 2010

Model UN

   Today there was a Model UN conference. Thanks to Nemo and Person #3, I joined the club, way back 3 years ago. Now, they're out, as are many of the friends I'd grown up in the club with. And, while that aspect of the fun is all but gone, there is still the conferences. You can't really imagine one until you've been to it, and I've been to too many to count. Earlier today, I was at a model UN conference. As usual, I wrote my position paper all of 30 minutes before the conference, and the Chairs said it was really good! Speaking of the chairs, guess who was one, Person #3!! According to him, I was going to win, the second third and fourth time they reviewed, but at the end I didn't, oh well. I can see the reason though. The guy who won, he was one of those really irritating kids, that you can't help but hate. He was a scheemer, but was really concieted about it, he had all his plans, along with his arrogance. However, in the end, we all bought into his crap, just so something would get done, so there's kis own little victory. From this point on, I'm determined not to let that kid win anything again ever. Also, I can see why Person #3 would be hesitant to award me the 1st prize, there is the possibility of a bias towards his good buddy Red.

      I do not like wireless internet a lot of the time. It is convenient, and allows portability, sure. But it is so much slower than Ethernet, and a lot of things just don't work. Bah humbug.

   Hey guys! To counteract the negativity going on, guess what! Daylight Savings time starts tomorrow!! Hooray!!! *Throws hat in Air*

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Mairead said...

were you in the IAEA? Yes, I agree that the club is probably less fun without all of my year's crazy antics.

I think you are celebrating about the wrong thing- tomorrow is Pi day, which is much more exciting than daylight savings time.