Monday, March 15, 2010

A Story!

Well, nothing really happened today, sorry. Well, in lunch, I tried to make a Leyden jar, unsuccessfully.

Here's one of those stories I promised!

     He walked out into the October Afternoon, and he couldn't shake the feeling of disbelief that had overtaken him. He tried to convince himself that this was just another drop, but deep down, he knew that this one was different. The usually full sidewalks were barren, except for the occasional man on the curb, head in hands. Stock Tickets blew through the canyons, , but no one gave them a passing glance, let alone try to pick them up. He looked up at the skyscrapers, and the construction, and a sense of foreboding hit him, and the realization that hundreds of people had lot everything, including him.

Huh, it seemed longer when on paper. Oh well.


Nemo said...

Okay, I think this story is super cool and I really mean that, but I also am not really sure what is going on here. It's the end of the world I guess? MORE STORY PLEASE

Red said...

Um, can the rest of the story be the Great Depression?

I'll try sometime though!