Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hot Wheels

     I'm sitting here, watching mythbusters, and they're testing a myth that a hotwheels car could be a dodge viper in a downhill race. First to mythbusters. What a great show. Sure, I know that it gets so much praise, it doesn't need mine, but I personally love the show. Hijinks, explosions, and science, what's not to like? Now to the hotwheels. I guess I was supposed to outgrow them a while ago, but they're just so cool! I have a V8 Vega, and a Gallardo, and then all my other cool ones disappeared... I also used to have a ton of track and a motor, in bygone days. But, they're gone, and I've found more interest in the design of them, as oppose to the toy aspect. I really want a Sizzler, originally introduced in the 70's. They were reintroduced in 2006, but discontinued in 2007. You know what's funny? Mattel owns Hotwheels, and bought out Tyco Toys, which owns Matchbox. Go figure

Here's that story I promised (Third person Limited)

   They were nearing moon 317 and there was no turning back for them. The spaceship had been stolen from a spaceport, as were most of the supplies onboard. John was with his team of mercenaries, many of whom weren't human, but they were all dedicated. There was nowhere he'd rather be when the laser arsenals opened up, an event which he realized would happen sooner than expected.
    John walked down the dimly lit hallway, looking for his right hand man, Schwartz.. He walked up to the weapons specialist, Kyysargdia, " You know where Schwartz is?"
    "Haven't seen him, I'd check the engine room."
    "Thanks," John replied as he headed towards the engine room. Dang, I never can remeber what planet he's from. John thought to himself. He walked into the engine room, finding Schwartz. "You have any idea what we're going to do once we get through the barrage? The moon has all of one spaceport, and you knw as well as me that there's no way we'll make it out of there, even if we land, and that's a big if. And there's no way I'm setting this down in that crater field."
     "Well,, I was thinking, we have 30-some guys on board, and four escape pods, ya dig? So, we steer this puppy into the ground, they think they shot us down and we're all dead, then we land those escape pods, regroup, and stick to the plan."
     It's crazy enough to get us killed, it might work though, John thought. He turned back to Schwartz, "There's 32 Guys onboard, 33 counting me, and those pods hold 8 guys. By my math, that leaves one odd."
     "We have oxy-masks, right?"
     "Yeah, but the moon got an oxygen shipment last quarter."
     "We have parachutes?"
     "Yeah, what are you getting at?"
     "Well, I was thinking, one of us could stay with the ship, and bail out with a parachute and an oxy-mask through one of the pod holes."
     "Who would be crazy enough to do that?"
     "I was thinking me sir."
     "No way, you're much too important."
     "I'm doing it," John said as he stared out the porthole. He didn't want to, but somewhere inside him, John knew he was going to stay behind, one way or another.
     The first laser strike shook the ship. John sprinted back to the bridge, as everyone hurried to battle positions. "This far above the loving moon? No way we'll make it," John muttered as he grabbed the wheel. The forces exerted on the 80 year old ship were nearly too much, it was on the verge of tearing apart. John grabbed the ship's PA Handset, "Everyone onboard, grab as much as you can carry, and get in the pods!" Humans and other being s ran throughout the ship, scrambling to the escape pods. John stepped to one of the portholes and saw one of the pods fire off. "One, there goes two, Three, where's four?!" The Lunar surface was approaching way too fast, and the lasers were still firing. John realized he'd have to get some room for those escape pods. He came up with a hasty plan, this is going to get me killed, he though, but he was going through with it anyway. John looked back out the porthole, and saw pod four shoot out of the ship. He ran back to the armory, hoping that he had enough time.
     John twisted the timing knob, and locked the engine room door. Hustling back to the bridge, John pulled on his oxy-mask and buckled the straps on the parachute. He tucked his laser pistol into his belt, and hit the wall next to the door. The entire ship shook, and the noise was deafening. A column of fire shot through the door, and the ship jolted as it was rent in two. John had to act fast, so he turned to the back. Above, he could see the void of space, and he sprinted. The ship was on fire, and tipping downwards. John dove out of the gaping hole where the rest of the ship used to be, and entered freefall. Down below was the lunar surface, and god knows what else, John thought as the barrage began to cease.

    Well, I apologize for putting that off for so long, but now t has been done.

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Tracey said...

Great job with the action and dialog-- I can't wait until he meets the genie on the beach.