Monday, March 8, 2010

SOLSC Day, What Day is it now?

Considering the joke-ness of yesterday's post here's a slice of my life:

     Well, the Dinosaur contest is finally over. I accidentally had gotten a sneak peek, so I prepared a somewhat mediocre Instructable, so I could enter the contest as soon as possible. I submitted it, only to realize that I was a day early, and January had Thirty-ONE days. Luckily, the project was accepted. So, with some picture advice from Nemo, I returned, and made my second one, which I am much happier with, especially the pictures.
     They announced the winners today, and I got second!!! Hooray! That's not to say that I think that my Instructable was better than anyone else, but the judges did, but the Instructables submitted were all great. I assumed that the one that won first place would win first, he made a freaking Chocolate Dinosaur!! His project was great, so, if LostRite is reading this, you did a great job! Overall, it just goes to show that winning first isn't everything, but taking the effort to enter the contest is what really matters. Life and Times of a [Stupid] Ginger, bringing you all the morals of preschool television (Bonus points for anyone that can figure out a decent anagram.)

     Nemo just asked me "so how much bleach DID you swallow?" I do not recall swallowing any bleach, I am confused. Can anyone give me a clue? Please?

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Nemo said...

You can hold up fingers if you need to