Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Today was a less bad day" - Nemo

Ok, so today, as I was on my way home, I noticed a fire hydrant, open. There was water spewing out of it! So, it was 95 degrees out and Nemo was talking about how hard water is to come by in the Austrailian Bush, and then we saw it. Reverting back to our youth, we ran into it, aw man, good times...

On a side note, we them walked into a 7-11, without shoes on, naturally, we were afraid that we'd get trown out. But the guy who worked there was actually really nice, and just said that we could get hurt or something. This brings up the question of lawsuits. To be perfectly honest, if I was stupid enough to cut myself on a peice of glass or something in a 7-11 or other buisness establishment for that matter, I wouldn't sue, I'd just think, "Wow, that was dumb of me." or something along those lines, really, who would sue for something like that? I mean, first, you'd have to hire a lawyer, which would cost alot, then you'd have to plead your case, and you know that the judge wouldn't side with you, so why would suing the establishment ever seem like a good idea?

Back to the fire hydrant, we went. We returned to the fire hydrant, and it was still spraying water, and we had an idea, so I ran to my house, and grabbed a bunch of newspapers. I came back, we made some boats, and dropped them in the river of water coming from the base. Then Nemo and I raced. He was ahead in the beginning, but my boat cut ahead. Then, they got stuck on the ground, but we pushed them a bit, and they got going again, and my boat was about to seize the victory, when it was kicked out of the stream by Person #3, in a technicality. Nemo has also posted about today on his blog.

Overall, it was a pretty good day.

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