Monday, June 22, 2009

Into the Candy Metro

Thanks to Nemo's suggestion, I finally saw Into the Wild, which, was, an amazing movie, but it is rated "R", for good reasons... My mom came in during the last 10 minutes, and thought that he movie was a cautionary tale, and completely misunderstood the megssage. Speaking of which, Nemo is going to die in a way very similar to that movie, except he'll have a dog...

Huh, my room is weird, well, that's a well known fact, but today, I was eating M&M's, and I dropped one under my desk, a yellow one in fact. So, I reached topick it up, and I found a yellow starburst! And te M&M is gone! This is so weird...

While listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers, I realized that one of the songs on their album was entitiled Magic Johnson, which is about the LA Lakers, specifically one of thier star players at the time, Magic Johnson. And, though it's bizzare, it's actually a pretty entertaining song, you should listen to it the next time that you have a chance.

I realized today that I would do something really foolish if I ever inherited a lot of money. First, I would plan to use it for college, or something llike that. Then, I would feel like a jerk, and realize that I'd want to give some to charity. I would then rent a helicopter, get the rest of the money in one dollar bills, and fly all over the countery "Making it Rain" dollar bills. It would be so awesome.

Ok, lastly,two Metro trians crashed on the Red line today. This really hits home to me, because I took the Metro home from the Nationals game yesterday. Just like TS's disbelief at the Air France flight crashing, this shocked me. I alwas imagined something like that happening, but I never thought that it would. This is shocking, and I'll probably find out more about it tomorrow.

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