Sunday, June 14, 2009

So, after around 4 hours of thinking, I found the root of all 4th grade humor, the unexpected. If you look at any child before they hit puberty, most of their humor consists of shouting out random words and assumptions that they're funny, much like some Monty Python stuff. Wow.

If any of you have a subscription to the Washington Post, or get the Washington Post Magazine, I highly encourage you to read today's article on Lee Wheeler, a bar designer. He's the uncle of one of my friends, and an extremely interesting person, and was also in Weird Virginia.

So, last night while I was babysitting* I was watching a show on NatGeo about the most venomous creatures in Australia, they had the Sea Snake, Stonefish, Eastern Brown Snake, Platypus, Funnel Spider, and Box Jellyfish. When they were going to try to capture a platypus, the host of the show spotted an Eastern Brown, and started yelling, to the trained professionals, "WOAH!! It's an Eastern Brown!! Everyone watch out!!" And he did this with almost every animal they found. I apologize for being so cynical, but I sincerely hope that he was just acting, and he was supposed to do that, or else he'd be really irritating in real life...

*I feel really bad about how much I earn babysitting, as much as $15 an hour, meanwhile there are people who earn minimum wage, or are unemployed. And I don't believe that evolutionarily I'm superior, I just think that our society, while it has a ton of great things, it provided me with an opportunity that it has neglected to give other people, and that's downright wrong.

I'm going to wrap up this post, because I'm being Pwn3d on a game, and then I'll buy some coconuts...

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