Sunday, November 15, 2009


Ok, well, I've realized that my sense of humor has pretty much reverted back to third grade. Maybe to be "ironic" but it's all absurdism, dinosaurs, and playing tetris compulsively. This is a problem. I'm not sure what I can attribute it to though, but I'm going to assume xkcd, MLIA, and College Humor. This needs to turn around NOW! I looked back at elementary schoolers, and I had a simillar sense of humor as them, which I attributed to me tryign to "be ironic". This is bad/
I apologize about not adding a drawing to this blog post. I have more, but, stuff.

Crazydude needs to post more on his blog.

Jesus, I'm not even elaboration on anything now. I'm probably not going to post anything on this blog for a while, there's just not enough time for anything anymore, and i have to not fail this quarter. So, yeah, whatever.

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