Friday, November 6, 2009

He's the One, Who Likes All Our Pretty Songs

Ha! Fooled you! I bet that you thought I was going to talk about Nirvana or In Bloom! Which is on Never- nevermind, I guess I did in fact, talk about Nirvana. Drat! Outsmarted again!

Well, I'm sitting here, drinking root beer, and reflecting on the fact that my kneecaps no longer work. But, root beer is delicious, so it evens out.

I read a Choose Your Own Adventure book last night (Surely the ultimate form of literature), and my adventure was pretty good, but left me with more questions than answers. My friends and I flew to the Sahara, and spotted a UFO, the aliens asked us to steal some salt from the traders nearby, and we agreed. They gave us a laser pistol, and as we started off, we ran into ourselves, and the other us said that the traders needed water, which the Aliens had accidentally dug up, and the Aliens needed salt, and we ended up getting a tour of the galaxy. Despite how confused I was, it was an adventure, none the less.


Nemo said...

I want that book.

Red said...

It's "Choose Your Own Adventure #3, Balloon Over the Sahara"

You can borrow it sometime if you want, but you may not have the same adventure as me...