Monday, November 30, 2009

Daylight Spendings (Or More Properly, the end of Daylight Savings)

Ok, so, I've resovled that Daylight saings time is the best. I would type in a normal sentence format, but here's what I said to Nemo:
"Even though I Wake up an hour early for the first week (Which I wasted by staying up till 2 the night before) I get sunshine when it's morning, which I could care less about, even though It's nice for driving, when school's over, it's twilight, and I can only be outside until 5 before the sun goes down, and it's pitch black at 6! Which I personally think is ridiculous."
It's really depessing really. I honestly don't want to do anyting on my way to school, but I do want to do stuff after school, but it's pitch black by six o clock!!

Here's the Wikipedia article:

Some Facts:
"DST is commonly not observed during most of winter, because its mornings are darker: workers may have no sunlit leisure time, and children may need to leave for school in the dark." I honestly don't care. It may be a pain for people driving, but I don't mind it being dark in the morning, plus, it means I get to see the sunrise in the morning, which is much cooler than actual sunlight. Additionally, right before daylight spendings time enacted, I'd look to DC, and see the glow of the sun, at which point, I could convince myself it was a nuclear raid, sprint fullout to the school/fallout sheter. Oh the shennanigans...

"In 1975 the U.S. DOT conservatively identified a 0.7% reduction in traffic fatalities during DST, and estimated the real reduction to be 1.5% to 2%" SAFETY!! DST is safer than Non-DST!!! Look! Proof!

Well, that's about it, so, DST isn't coming around for a while, so I might as well just make the best of it, and have adventures before school and in the early morning more now. Thanks for Reading!

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