Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ok, well, this is a bit concerning. But first, I TOLD YOU GINGERISM EXISTED!!!! Ok, well, this is kind of ridiculous on a few levels. First, they just followed the example of a South Park episode, which is absurd enough. Ok, look, South Park is funny, and you can joke about it, but for the love of, Following its example? Really? Second, I mean, it's pretty brutal, but, I feel like the kid couldn't defend himself, like, (not endorsing violence) If I was in that situation, I'd just tackle one kid and try to rip his head off, it would scare the hell oout of everyone... Also, there were a couple people talking about us in the same way white people talked about black people before the 1950's, while trying not to sound racist, I mean, I guess I never noticed it before, but, now that I'm on the reciveing end, I can see why there's still so much racial tension, white people just don't understand. Thy try, but white eople just can't emphasize, I'm sorry, you can't.
But it is also really concerning. I mean, I feel pretty much accepted, because I don't think my hair matters that much, even though I am the only redhead in my grade. I just don't think it's that weird, I guess because I never thought about it that much before, but evidently some people think that that's enough reason to ostracize some one. I mean, I feel like I have a better understanding of racism now, but I don't think that it can really compare.
But really, following South Park?! Really?!


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HA, I don't have to listen to you, because ALL redheads are stupid and are more like animals then people!

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