Monday, November 30, 2009

Lets Get it Together USA

Russia had weapons mounted on Space Stations. How did we overlook this.

"Defense measures

In addition to reconnaissance equipment, Almaz was equipped with a 23mm Nudelman rapid-fire cannon mounted in a stationary position to the forward belly of the station.[1] This self-lubricating cannon was modified from the tail-gun of Tu-22 jet bomber, and was capable of firing 950 rounds per minute. Each 200 gram projectile flew at a speed of 690 m/s relative to the station[2]. To aim the cannon the entire station would be quickly reoriented facing the threat.

Salyut 3/OPS-2 conducted a successful test firing on a target satellite remotely with the station unmanned due to concerns over excessive vibration and noise.

OPS-4 was to have featured two unguided missiles instead of the aircraft cannon, but this system has not been shown publicly and may have never been fully manufactured."



Nemo said...

Arms race in space?

Red said...

Yeah! But we lost!