Sunday, February 7, 2010

Various Thoughts and Tomfoolery

Well, there is A LOT of snow out there right now. Yeah

Well, I've found Plan-It-X , and was browsing through their artists, and found my way over to The Collective Community, which I feel like Nemo would like. It has free music, a community aspect, and Ukulele!! Then I watched Jurassic Park III. That was 4 hours of my day yesterday...

Today, I found if you make it, and spent a whole lot of time there... It's pretty similar to CLLCT, but has more punk music, if not all punk music... Yeah.

So, because of those, I now have a couple hundred new songs in my library...

Yesterday was Bob Marley's birthday, and it reminded me of a conversation I had earlier, about how everyone is born liking Bob Marley, it's just natural. But think about it, EVERYONE like's Bob Marley's music, and the world isn't that mushc better than in his day and age, in some aspects it's worse, so, what could Bill and Ted really do?

I have defeated the batman!

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