Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Story?!

Well, here's a story/vignette type of thing. Wow, this is the first story I've posted in a long time...

"Aarrrerrauuughh!" A primal scream echoed across the barren mountainside. Tom slid down the mountainside, and dove behind an outcropping of rocks.
Three days earlier, he had been flown to Tibet by a prop aircraft, a three hour flight over western China. After the ride, he disembarked from the plane to meet up with the tour guides.
He had embarked up the mountain on a four day hike up to a Buddhist temple, where Tom hoped he would find enlightenment on the mountaintop.
At was the end of a days hike, they had set up camp on a flat stretch of land on the mountainside, and looking up, Tom realized how much farther there was to go, but he could only imagine what he could find at the top. Mostly of sheer exhaustion, he climbed inside a tent and blacked out.
Tom woke up in the morning, and his two guides were already outside. Stretching as he got out of the tent, he asked what was going on. His guides pointed at giant footprints, speaking of a monster. Ton didn't understand, and asked to continue up the mountain. But, as he continued his ascent, the image of the footprint burned in his mind.

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