Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today is the Best Day Ever

Ok, so, today isn't really the best day ever, though this weekend is definitely up there on the most fun times of my life.

Today, I went to a Hot Tub party, very fun. I got a Snoop Dogg Cd, and I got socks! But that's not all! I got the new issue of Popular Science, which is eyeing my funny, so I really want to read it...

Also, today I was spending a bunch of time on Cnet, and got a FIRE SCREEN SAVER!!! It's actually really cool, there's flames, and crackeling... I need to change my background to a log... Of course, it's not really convincing, but it's still pretty cool. I commend you to try it out, it's free, and takes up all of 4 Megabytes. I downloaded This as a background. And it's pretty cool. I personally like seeing which parts of the world are in day and night, and it updates. Plus, you can see the lights from Europe and Africa, and the strip of Megalopolis. That's about it. Thanks for reading!

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