Monday, July 18, 2011

No Sleep. Ever. Again.

Today was the best!
Or at least these past like, 48 hours
I got home, and got a call from my friend asking for directions onto the roof
So I just biked there as fast as possible and walked out of an alley right in front of them and they were surprised as hell Then we went to the roof
got a game of mousetrap and started to play it in the middle of the sidewalk
Ran across some lanes of traffic
got noodles and company, won the claw game
Saw harry potter
went to my fiends house and watched futurama and movies and listened to the replacements all night, combines with a three am ice cream run (possibly later) and the best pint of ice cream ever, and by best I mean we covered more surface area than anyone could imagine.
didn't sleep
left to jeffrey's house in the morning, had an amazing jam sesh
watched aaron's friend lay down a track
then squashbuckled
We played animal crossing, then decided we needed to link it to the gba, so we checked and saw the gamestop at ballston had a cable, so we ran there, and then as we walked into gamestop, we saw hunter, so we ran across the store and hid behind a pillar for ten minutes, then when he walked closer to us, we ducked out and he never saw us
then went to cvs and got goldfish

went back inside gamestop
, and asked the guy if they had the cables, and he just pulled a bunch of GameCube cables out of the trash and gave them to us for free, then I came home and saw my brother for the first time in forever, and played animal crossing for like, five hours
It's amazing

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