Wednesday, February 23, 2011

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

     Today was super fantastic! I was initially going to post some nonsense about my opinions and ruminations about names, but today sure took that plan and smashed it into a rock!

     After school today, I took the bus back to my house, and was able to hang out, since I did my homework for tonight last night! (Wacky Huh!) This put me in a situation where I was hanging out with my friend Hunter. We were walking around the neighborhood, when we saw a massive pile of trash. And us, being the gutter-children we are, went to check it out. And it wasn't nasty food garbage or anything! It was the contents of someone's basement, thrown out in cardboard boxes on the absence of a curb. We began to dig through it, but it was mostly the stuff that one would find in their grandmother's living room, minus the candy of course. There were old books, sewing thread, and tiny bottles of perfume. But, as we moved on, the stuff got more interesting, if only a little bit. There was a VHS chest, a lamp, doorknobs, antique hairdryers, and more, then I saw the corner of a guitar! I nearly threw the box on top of it into the street and pulled the guitar out. It was beautiful, a blonde finish acoustic guitar with dark brown fretboard and a maroon pick guard, but it was in two pieces. The neck wasn't attached to the body where it should've been at all. The only thing that held it to the body was the six rusted strings and a black nylon strap. I carried it home in one hand, holding the neck and the sound hole to each other, trying to avoid running the strap along the ground.
      I got home, and destrung the guitar, finally separating the neck and the body. I looked over it meticulously, and got an idea of the shape it was in. The fretboard was coming off, a huge crack ran through the neck, and the body panels were popping out in a few places, but none of that is beyond my ability, I hope. I took the neck to my basement, and poured wood glue into the cracks, and clamped it with all the Qwik-Clamps I could find, and a few slow clamps. Then, while in clamps, I got a toothbrush, put some 3 in 1 Oil on it, and started scrubbing away at the tuning pegs, which were clad in rust. Rust gone, I took that toothbrush and scrubbed the fretboard clean, then put some walnut stain on. The stain and the glue are drying, and the body is full of rosemary because it smelled funny. Tomorrow, I'll work on the body, and Friday, I will reunite the two.
     So if you come by and see a sad-looking guitar in my room, keep in mind its a rescue.

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