Monday, February 28, 2011


     So, I think that I have concluded why people in South East Asia are so good at keeping their cool and being hardened to violence and such, and it's not due to the near-constant conflict for the last 70 years. It's because of their candy!

     So,  I'm not sure if you've ever eaten pure ginger, I hope you have, because it's pretty tasty. That said, it is more spicy than most hot sauces I come in contact with. (Dave's Insanity Excluded) It is really hot if you eat it straight. Now, think about replacing your snickers with Ginger. I realize that there are hot tamales, but they haven't got jack on pure ginger. This stuff is coated with confectioner's sugar, but is just ginger, and it is intense. And it's a whole lot better, albeit less filling, than your snickers bar.

     Also it makes for a superb cure for nausea and colds!

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