Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time is a Fickle Temptress

     Well, first off, some horrible, good-for noting asshole drew a pirate ship battle on the Biology desks. I mean, what kind of careless person would so willingly deface school property like that? My goodness. Oh, wait...

Anyway, time is a slippery thing. It's a fundamental unit of daily life, that not only we constructed ways to measure, but also proved to be relative. And there's always too much when you don't need it, and never enough when you do. Every day I spend all of first and second periods counting the minutes until lunch, then fourth and fifth counting down until the end of the day, but lunch and my afternoon both disappear in the blink of an eye. Not just school either, I'm counting the days, with a fervor usually reserved for the end of a prison sentence, until this weekend, where there will be not just one, but two dances! But I know that those dances will be excruciatingly short, just like the last one I was at (complicated by the fact that y watch stopped an hour in.). But I suppose that you've just got to embrace the good times and enjoy them to their full extent, and take the tedious ones with a grain of salt, and continue looking for a good middle ground.

And that's why I wear a smiley face watch.

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