Sunday, December 6, 2009


Well, I was going to write about how Kurt Cobain is better than Vampires, but I'll have t osave that for later, becasue this is my 101st post!!

My 100th post talks about one of my life goals, beating Tetris, while it was (unknowingly) one of my other goals, get 100 posts on my blog.

Look at all that's happened since the begging of this blog, a couple stories, a couple pictures, a lot of non-sequiter crap. I convinced Nemo to get a blog, found other people's blogs, added Russian Quotes, added Tetris, Tetris stopped working, collaborated with Nemo and Crazy Dude, somehow managed to get subscribers, Learned that I can't spell, learned that I don't know when a sentence is long enough, ranted, and amny other things.

Thank you ll for reading my blog so far! Let's see where we are in the next 100 posts!

And if you haven't followed this long enough to get all of the weird nostalgia, USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! WOOO!!!!


Nemo said...

Wait, wait, wait. I got a hundred posts before you?

Red said...


But, we both live is the USA...

USA! USA! USA!!!!!