Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kurt Cobain > Vampires

Ok, so, somehow vampires recently became the vheicle for teen angst, thanks to the Twilight series, but they're so lame! All Stephinie Myer did was make Vampires lamer and make them Sparkle in the sunshine! Really? I'm not going to read the twilight series, but I beleive I know the gist of it, and it sounds like Stephanie Myer just copped out and made vampires lame.
Meanwhile, Kurt Cobain, while, he may have ripped off Dinosaur Jr. and Niel Young, he invented something new, and tons of emo teens too heart in his music, as oppose to trying to be vampires and looking like idiots. I mean, sure he may have screwed up some people's lives when he commited suicide, but they got over it when they became adults, and he shot himself in the head with a shotgun, that's pretty hardcore. Shooting yoyrself, with a SHOTGUN, how do you even do that? Kurt Cobain was what, 5'9", 5'10"? The trigger is, 3-ish feet fron the end of the barrel, how could you reach the trigger?!
Anyway, Kurt Cobain is way cooler than vampires, any day of the week. I would say that he's cooler than the Crow, but, I man, the Crow is A: Immortal, and B: Would kick my ass if he found out I said that...

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