Friday, May 8, 2009


Well, I'm extremely bored, so I'm now going to talk about a strange thing that happened at the end of band class today.

So, I was putting my Tuba and stand away in the "Tuba Box" which was a large compartment for tubas. To give you a size of this, It was about 7 ft tall by 4 feet wide and deep. So, naturally, I occasionally stand in there. So, I was looking around the interior of the "Box". On the wallm, I found this four inch tall oval shaped plug of wood, and the grain and color didn't match up with the rest of the wall. There was a fey milimeters inbetween, so I used the zipper on my tuba mouthpeice case to pop it off. In the hole left by the plug, I saw a 1/8 in. steel cord. I figured that it was holding the compartment together. I pulled on it a little, and a pannel on the back popped off. I looked inside, and saw some sort of closet. And then I had to leave the class, more information as the situation develops.

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