Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine Flu

Ok, Nemo has already addressed this topic, bfew weeks, en complianing about this for the last few weeks, he can testify for me. SWINE FLU ISN'T THAT BAD!!! The media has just been putting it totally out of perspective. Sure, people have died of this, but they were impovershed Mexicans, eldarly or really young, and people in Mexico still die of Chicken Pox... The one person that died in America was a toddler straight out of Mexico and his parents had no money. If you can't get any medical care, and you're young enough, you could die of almost anything. Honestly, it's the Flu! We have new strains of the flu every few years, so why is this one so dangerous?! Talking about hysteria, people in Egypt have killed millions of pigs, assuming that all pigs carried the disease. Honestly, about a week after the news came out, I had a Bacon Rib sandwich, and it was DELICIOUS.

People are so weird like that, they seem uncomfortable about the topic of germs. As a good friend of mine once said shortly after eating a chip off the floor, "What's your immune system for?". That shut up the appalled person watching. But I agree with him. Sure, medicines and vitamins have helped make the human life expectancy longer, but they've also made us weak. Humans act like finding a tick on you is the end of the world, well guess what, I found 30, yes 30 ticks biting into me over the weekend (I'll save my tick rant for later). It may be that I just don't care, or, as Nemo said today, "He wasn't born with a survival instinct...". Oh well.


Crazy Guy said...

GOD DAMN TICKS...found twelve total on at WR. The little bastards... most sayings don't make much sense, but "sucks like a bucket of ticks" really does.

Red said...

Yeah. I commited tick genocide, especially since around 5 of them were...

Did you know that Tick+Lighter=Pop?