Sunday, May 31, 2009


Ok, I just got a Haircut, not that anybody will care...

Secondly, JC will hate me for saying this, but Greenpeace is a joke. Look, don't get me wrong, I like that they're protecting the Whales and everything, but they're just terrorists. I have already mentioned this, but I'd like to elaborate. Ok, so, Japan is whaling in international oceans, and a group of people think that it'll be a good idea to confront them. What's more, as soon as they find a boat that fights back, they flee into the Antartic circle, and if they follow the Greenpeace ships into the Antartic circle, they'll get busted for violating the Antarctic nonweapons treaty, I suppose that's why I don't respect them. So, here they are, all high and mighty, trying to protect the whales, and they're going to attack other ships to do so. BUT, they don't even face them, they ambush the whaling ships, and damage them, but as soon as they find out the ships have weapons on them, Greenpeace runs away. They're claiming to risk their lives to protect the whales, but as soon as they see any chance of a counterattack, they run. The irony of course, is, I may want to join Greenpeace someday (87% Female, Greenpace-The Lost World, Jurassic Park), but if I do, I'm going to run a ship that, while it may get everyone on it killed, is not going to run away from a fight.

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Crazy Guy said...

And they call themselves pirates... tisk tisk.