Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, I convinced my good Friend Nemo to finally create a blog. He does have some very interesting viewpoints, and
I may reference him alot. His blog is called A Road That Disappeared . His, and many other blogs I follow are extremely interesting (at least from my point of view...)

Anywho, Here's one of my comments on "The 21st Century: No, monarchy is damn well not looking better every day" thread.

I believe that I'm an exemption to the "People are good" rule.

But honestly, yes, people are good. Humans don't naturally want to cause each other harm. People are conditioned by the environment around them, and it's not society's fault. In the case of America, most non-mental problem violence is caused by people's environments. No, America isn't a Hell hole, it's is the best place to live in the world, but factors come into play that alter people's behavior. First, the press only reports on bad things and animals being born, so people come under the impression that tons of people do bad things. This is wrong. Additionally, some people think that pretending to be "bad" will make them more important. They don't realize the implications of what they say, and then foolish people believe them, and try to follow their non-existent footsteps.

Also, nobody wants to create a war. They are faced with a problem and the last apparent solution is war. But nobody wants to grab a gun and risk their lives defending their viewpoints. They only do because no other option is available to them.

Back to society. Sure, stupid people do stupid things because of society, but look at all the good things it's done. The UN is solving the world's problems every day, and is the pinnacle of humanity working together. And while some celebrities may do stupid things, think about how many people celebrities from around the world have helped.

People only find Monarchy appealing because one person is in charge, and they don't want to have any of the blame for anything that goes wrong.

There may be a few "Evil" people, but evil or not depends on what your point of view is. And however horrible things they do, they have a reason behind them, which makes their actions justified in their own minds.

In short, Monarchy sucks, and humans and society aren't bad. There is no evil person (Except Mickey Mouse...), and the world is getting better all the time.

*Also, to All Americans: America is not a bad place. It is the best place in the world to live. So stop pretending that it's a terrible place, and stop shooting each other. If you still aren't convinced, go buy a plane ticket, and go fly to Central/South America, Central Africa, or Southeast Asia. No matter how poor you are in America, you're probably richer than 25% of the world's population.

*Footnote: Print this paragraph out, Xerox app. 3000 times, and distribute everywhere

And Lastly, Nemo and I are working on a Webcomic/"Continuity Project". We call it Inexplicable.

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