Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hi guys.....

Well, I'm still working on stuff, and I hope to get some of it up soon....

Here's something to hold you over (Sorry I'm not posting anything....)

"Oh my god, this can't be happening," Alex said, running back and forth dodging fireballs.
The planet was going to hell. Fireballs were raining down from the sky! Sewer pipes were exploding, blowing away chunks of street! Sinkholes were appearing everywhere! And worst of all, his parents found out he was seeing someone, but that's a story for another day.
"Kratzzz!" A laser came from behind him, cutting a man in front of Alex in half! Alex spun around, and saw thousands of ships from the Eries armada descending!
"KA-BOOM!!" Three of them exploded! Alex felt a hand grab him from behind. He turned his head around, and was inches away from his uncle's face; Alex smelled alcohol on his breath; They were in the Lead Apache, followed by hundreds more, and countless other Aircraft!
"Where'd you get that!?" Alex asked.
"Long story, I'll tell you late- PHONE HOME THIS E.T.!!" They started branching off from the pack, drawing the Ships' attention. Alex realized what was going to happen.
"Boom!" One Was hit and spiraled into the ground! The Model Rocket Club was firing!
"NOW!" Alex's uncle Boomed, the helicopters all flew head-on into the Armada!
"Alex, take this," his uncle shoved a Ak into his hands,"And Remember me!"
"WAIT!" But it was too late. His uncle jumped out, guns blazing. Just then, Alex realized his uncle was diving for the Lead Ship. He never made it.
"No!" Alex bailed out of the helicopter, onto the Lead Ship, and shot it out. The flaming wreck was headed towards the ground...

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For the two of you who actually read my blog, please comment, and tell me what you like/don't like/want to see.


lentigogirl said...

I want to see more posts!

Capelad said...

Its around 3 or 4 now. And hows that Chicken tale going?