Monday, January 26, 2009

Capelad: Conspiracy or Miracale?

Capelad, one of the greatest heroes of our era, but what's actually going on?
Three months ago, he died choking on a Jellybean, leaving only his Ex-Aprentence Haze, and Raccoon Lad behind, and now he's "back". What's the story? Did he come back to life? Is it a hoax? Is Haze in disguise? You tell me. Capelad: The Blog

Also, there's a nifty quiz at the bottom of the blog, you might want to look at it...


Anonymous said...

Gosh Son. some things should be kept a secret. Besides, my blog doesn't reveal anything...yet.

Capelad said...

Well Red,
sometimes things shouldn't be left to the public. I can assure you that Capelad is not participating in a conspiracy( the one you are referring to anyway), but it isn't a miracle either. Read Deeper.