Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quite a Remarkable Day

     Well, today was pretty interesting. During school, some shenanigans involving "filming" and skipping the second half of World History and going to second lunch. Then in Bio, the shit paper I did last class entirely as a joke (Name three carnivorous reptiles: DINOSAURS, and What noise to tortoises make? Nothing, they're tortoises and weirdos and have a very very small circle of friends, generally consisting of other tortoises.) didn't get turned in, and most of the class heard my teacher say she anted to talk to me about it, but I never talked to her about it, and I have no intention to if she did say that. I biked to HB in 100 degree weather, and pondered why no one was out on such a beautiful day. Then I gave some advice, and contradicted the hell out of it with my actions.
    We then had our band concert, and it was the last time I'm going to see most, if not ll of the seniors. I'll probably end up remembering my final conversation with Scott forever.
    "Hey Scott, I was kinda disappointed with your senior quote. I expected it to be silly, but it was really deep and meaningful."
    "Haha, it was from Mass Effect 2."

     While my feelings at this point could be best summed up in a concise and catchy manner by Fake Problems lyrics (More related to the first paragraph than the second.), this one sums it up the best.

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