Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Against Me!

     Thursday night was my second Against Me! concert in a year (just barely!), and it was much louder, much more punk, and was far more awesome. Treat and I took the Metro down, then waited a solid half hour for our tickets (whoops!). We went up and Treat bough some groovy red vinyl. Then, we got prepared by an aural onslaught by Screaming Females. We waited through the sound guy's, "Lettuce, Eric, Scott, Lettuce, Lettuce," and the man right of us informed us that, "If I violate you in any way, I'll let you touch my wife's boobs."
      My hearing was gone by Pints of Guinness Make You Strong, as was my voice (which caused Tom Gabel to sound like a pixie), which was probably due to using every molecule off air in my body to belt out the lyrics, and "sing along with every record, fuck that, every song!" There were a great many people who hopped on the stage and sung with Tom Gabel, I wish I could say I was one of them. Then, as the speakers turned off, I heard everyone's voices swirling around me, as I can describe it in no better way, and realized what it's like to be insane. As we went out of the door, some people were handing out flyers, I looked over to grabe one or two, and the person handing them out was Spoonboy! I shouted, "I love you Spoonboy! (It wasn't a robbery)." Then after figuring out how we were going to get home, I walked up and asked, "Does it mean something bad if 'Stab Yer Dad' is one of my favorite songs ever?"
     I never heard his response, and my ears are still ringing...

     In completely unrelated news, I bit it on my way to school today, but I am uninjured, and wasn't even the least bit angry about it. Further explanation in a future post.

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