Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wishes and Favorites

     Right now, I just kind of wish that I could talk to everyone I know people honestly and openly, instead of the handful I can now, and they wouldn't be appalled at me for shattering the Victorian rules of euphemisms or hiding your true feelings or whatever the hell. But I suppose I'm the main person at fault here, being too afraid of scaring people away if I actually say what I mean and mean what I say. That's not to say that everything I say is a pack of lies and deceit, but I could be more forward, and I could risk telling people the things that are most important.

     Mosquito Hawks (apparently called Crane Flies) are some cool bugs. Though they don't prey on mosquitos, as I had been led to believe, they probably scare the hell out of those punks. They look like massive mosquitos! It's terrifying! But they're not actively trying to eat me, so I am cool with mosquito hawks.

     Right now, I'm watching the Pursuit of Happiness, don't ruin it for me!

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