Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nobody Can Sing the Blues Like Blind Willie McTell

     So I apologize for ever whining about my emotions, I shall kill them promptly. That was a load of bullocks, emotions are what make life worthwhile, good or bad. I know that hurt feels better than apathy (I was going to use "guarantee" there, and spent a good five minutes figuring out how to spell it properly, but oh well).
     Right now I'm on a blues binge, I don't know how, but that music right now is just cutting straight to my soul, and it just blew up the dam of emotion, and it feels damn good. For me, music has helped clear my mind, only by calling to my attention all the emotions I've been feeling. or, at the very least, clouding my judgement enough for me to decide to partake in something huge to solve it. That's what you really need when you're down in the dumps, something totally ridiculous and huge. A little project won't do, you'll just finish it and be back where you started. Putting your body and mind in a situation where they're totally devoted to the goal, then abruptly switching back, watching the chains fall, and being able to step back for once and look at the stars and see how beautiful they are. That's what you need to do. I have yet to do it, but come 30-odd days, I'm going, and not looking back.
     What if it's all for not, surely you'll have shit happen in the future? But I'm still coping, and getting better every day. And I'm not going to say that I'm only happy on the outside, I'm happy on the inside too, but there's that peach pit lodged back in my mind, and it keeps trying to grow. And I can cope, but having a feeling of loss and disbelief, and hopelessness when I lie down to go to sleep just isn't where I want to be (I don't care if that last sentence seemed to contradict the rest of this, just don't think about it too hard. Spend your hard thinking trying to make the rain go away, or at the very least the humidity that has smothered DC).

     Anyway, here's Blind Willie McTell by Bob Dylan, pretty awesome if you ask me.

    Also, check out this album by American War if you haven't already, if not the entire album (It's Free!) at least "Old Love in Young Hearts", which is stuck in my head right now. (Though I hope that these songs never get stuck out of my head.)

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