Sunday, April 17, 2011

This and That, but Mostly This

     Red hair is (to my knowledge) the most vibrant mammal hair can get, color-wise, there's no blue deer or pink cattle, so I am confident in that statement. But, I also think that it's really weird how humans have basically the entire range of mammal hair color, in our one species. We have every shade from flaming orange to jet black, and it all fades to grey and white given enough time. But no other animals have that variation, except I suppose cats and dogs. You don't see grizzly bears with black hair, and you don't see brown orangutans. Yet humans go and take up the entire spectrum, that is pretty neat.

     Here is why I don't like Marijuana. First off, I have never smoked it, and don't plan to, partially because West Point is pretty high up on my college list, and partially because I have my life fairly well mapped out, and drugs don't have a place in there. That said, I don't have anything against anyone who smokes, at least based off of them smoking. It isn't my place to pass judgement on whether or not a person does or not. That said, mos of the people I know who do copious quantities are assholes, and I have a thing against that. I suppose that it boils down to what they do when high. Carl Sagan himself acknowledged that it opened your mind (He's said a lot to that effect), and in turn made you more creative, so why would you waste that extra mental energy sitting, eating, and watching TV? It's like carbo-loading for a marathon, but then sleeping all day, it's just counter-intuitive. You could make fantastic things, but you just ignore the possibility. I suppose that's what angers me most, although I have noticed that the people that do pot do it mostly to look cool, and aren't the most creative folks to begin with, at least with respect to art and creating things. There are many ways to make yourself look cool, and most involve more creativity than buying drugs. I guess it all roots down to my belief that the only way to show that the system hasn't squeezed the life out of you and made you into sheeple is by going and doing something, and making, creating, writing. Even further, I guess that I believe that sentience really lies in an ability to create, not just fill a mold with learnt words. And that's why I don't like Marijuana.

     Woo! Pictures!

It's Difficult to see, but there's a contact lens
 placed over the lens of my camera.
I thought I could get some really neat pictures,
Alas, not so much.
Damn! It's sideways, but this was taking with a contact lens.
Not super cool as expected.

He's less blue in this picture than the other one.

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