Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sell my Body to Science?

      Today I got myself a concussion, which I've been far too good at getting in the past year. I've learned two things from this recent incident, the school has the most incompetent medical facilities, and people care more about my body than I do. The school nurses are the most ridiculous process ever. I've been dealing with this nonsense since elementary school, when bloody noses would get me in her office at least once a week in the winter. The nurse would just hand me paper towels, tell me to tilt my head down and just waste what felt like hours of my time back when school was still fun. Not only that, but I've been able to fix my own nosebleeds on 98% of occasions within 8 minutes, so I don't know why it's such a complicated process for nurses. In middle school I only really went to the nurse once, after doing a flip over a girl and landing head first on our rubber gym, and sustaining a pretty bad concussion. I went to the nurse's office and laid down, shortly before going back to class and vomiting in the nearest bathroom en route. That was actually a pretty satisfactory experience, or at least I felt better after it. Today, I am unable to speak correctly, and was spelling "going" "aoinssg" and "feeling" "gollins". Around then I realized that I needed to go home. I go to the nurses office, but apparently we need notes from our fifth and seventh period teachers, which is absurd. We can tell our friends that we're probably going to be out, and they'll inform our teachers, who understand that shit happens and people get sick. I was not about to stumble through the school until I collapsed or vomited in the hallway, so I called my sister who picked me up, and took me home, god bless her. (For her Allah) and I went and passed out for two hours, and now have just a little migraine to show for it. In my opinion far better than what the school could've done to help me.
     Also I realized people care about my body a whole lot more than I do. I realize that migraines can be super serious, but everybody I mention it too loses their shit and asks if I'm ok. If I wasn't ok I wouldn't really be talking to them, would I? But this has also gone back until elementary school, when people would also feel the need to tell me to go to the nurse because of a nosebleed. I'm at the point when I honestly am not dismayed by the sight of my blood, just frustrated. I'm not trying to be a John Wayne badass either, I've just become numb to the sign of my own blood. Also the amount of times I've sliced my hand open is another factor of course. Also, I feel really bad when people feel worse for me than I do, I feel like I don't merit their empathy, nor really need it, however, it is comforting, I guess it evens out.
     And that's all for today folks!


Nemo said...

the school nurses literally can't give you tums


Holly said...

Wow nosebleeds and concussion migrane-y headaches sounds serious! I prescribe much sleep and time off.