Monday, January 3, 2011

One Hundred and Eighty

    One Hundred and Eighty, the number of days there are in school. It seems like school steals the year from you, but it in truth is less than half of the year's days. But while it may be one hundred and eighty days on paper, it might as well be 270 in my mind.
     In One Hundred and Eighty Days, it will be Sunday July 3rd. I will be preparing for the festivities, near injuring myself with fireworks, and all around be enjoying the early summer. The frustration I've had with school will be long gone. One Hundred and Eighty Days after that, it will be Thursday, December 29th. I again, will be well rested, preparing for festivities, and forgetting that homework exists.

     One Hundred and Eighty Degrees is a complete turnaround. Today I've turned around completely from the leisure and relaxation of winter break to the stress of school. I need to do an One Hundred and Eight Degree turn, from slacking for most of the first semester, to getting my act together now.

     One Hundred and Eighty Words.