Monday, November 15, 2010

Two More!

     So, I got two more Dead Drops down today, albeit I did completely put off homework... Anyway, if you are reading this, why are you not grabbing the nearest stack of burnable holy books, putting on an adult diaper and pointing your car towards DC wrapping up your flash drives and getting some cement?

     In hindsight, cementing a flash drive to the Washington Monument was a guaranteed way to get shot...


     That would be the last post to this blog, probably a posthumous guest post by Nemo having claimed my phone. Then throwing that phone into the Patomic, with the knowledge that like the flash drive, this blog had been cemented shut.

     But, despite the motto, I have a little bit of good judgment. That doesn't by any stretch mean that I'm not daft enough to get myself shot, just not today.
    That said, is anyone up for painting a mural of Obama in the storm drains?

File:Barack Obama Hope poster.svg

1 comment:

Nemo said...

I would rather do a che guevara