Monday, October 11, 2010

This Kind of Thing Must be Important, Because Somebody Ripped Out my Page in Your Telephone Book

      Well, so contrary to most blogs on those interwebz, mine isn't "scene" or "created by attention-needing folk who want to seem edgy ad different and in turn are all the same". I like to think that my blog is different, but in all honesty is it's just a collection of random crap, but it is leaning pretty far to hipsterdom, thanks in part to my overly-liberal use of song lyrics as titles. Hopefully a continuation of that story will reverse that trend.

     The ride was a bumpy one, go figure. Back on Earth, electric cars were being sold as having "the smoothest rides." Give me a Jeep any day. Plus, the moon could use some greenhouse gases. But before I could follow up on that thought, we were outside another lander. The door was open. Never a good sign, I thought as Jim led the way inside.
     Looking around, nothing was disturbed, there was even an open pack of cheese whiz, I was hit be a sudden pang of hunger, and stuck it in my pocket for later.
     Jim was back outside, "Hey, come look at this."
     He was staring at the ground, "Uh Jim, what's so interesting about dust?"
     "Nah, it's what's in the dust."
     I stared at the gloveprint in the ground in front of us, "So, they came outside and tripped?"
     "Wasn't them," Jim said, pointing at the fingers, "only four."

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