Monday, September 6, 2010

So, I got Called Out on Encroaching on Nemo's Awkward Territory

    Well, I geuss I kind of lied to you guys when I promised some badass cool post, but I'm thinking that this one will hopefully make up for it!

    First off, I want to announce a contest! So, I tend to write a lot of posts, and most of them are pretty bad. So, if you're reading this, it means you have free time, free time which you could be using to make your own blog! It's pretty simple really. All you need to do is create a blog and write somewhere around three or more posts! The first three people (if there are three... sadness [did my pity strategy work to persuade you?]) to make a blog after this point and post a link on my blog or email me or something Win a super bad ass prize, such as:

     Ok, so there probably won't be any money, but there could be a dinosaur, or hot wheels car, or something ridiculous! I would mail you fire, but not only is that incredibly bad ass, it's also illegal....

  And here's a poem! Yeah, I suck at poetry.....

The Crow sat on the wire,
a pitch-black statue, 
above the flattened tire.

Silent above the street, 
and the field,
in the midday heat.

A testament to the wild,
in a civilized time,
with freedom undefiled.

Caw! Croaked the Crow,
above the street and the field,
and the grass freshly mowed.

1 comment:

Mairead B said...

I would enter, but I already have one I never update, and then I have a tumblr which I update somewhat more, but still very infrequently. And yes, I have lots of free time I could use to blog, but I don't.