Saturday, October 31, 2009


So, yesterday, through band, we preformed in the Patrick Henry parade, and it was awesome!

Two days ago, it was my first time playing the Sousaphone, and we were marching with it on Friday. After a ton of preperation, we were ready. The band drove out to Patrick Henry, and assembled in te parking lot, behind a Fire Truck! Then we began to march, for what seemed like miles, and after a while, I couldn't feel my shoulder anymore. Regardless, it was awesome! Then, when we got back on the bus, the principal gave us FREE PIZZA!!! It was so great!

Even better, one teacher told us that she was walking with a profoundly deaf boy, couldn't hear at all, but he was still dancing alongside us, becasue he could feel the vibrations of the drums and tubas!! Evidently, we made his day, which was better than free pizza.

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Nemo said...

You lie. NOTHING is better than free pizza