Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hexagon Man!

I'vr figuredo ut how to make the most out of my early release tomorrow, not sleep!

And that's about it...

Oh! I construceted most of the Alphabet using the names of dinosaurs!!

A- Apatosaurus
B- Baryonix
C- Compsognathus
D- Dienonychus
E- Euoplocephaus
F- There is no dinosaur that's name starts with "F"! Seriously!
G- Gigantosaurus
H- Hadrosaurus
I- Iguanidon
J- No j...
K- Kentrosaurus
L- Lufengosaurus
M- Maiasaura
N- Nanosaurus (More recently called Othnielia)
O- Ouranosaurus
P- Pentrasaurus
Q- Quetzalcoatlus (Technically a pteranadon...)
R- Rhabdodon
S- Spinosaurus!
T- Tyrannosaurus Rex
U- There is NO U...
V- Velociraptor
W- Wuerhosaurus
X- Did you honestly think that there was going to be an "X"?
Y- Yangchaunsaurus
Z- Really?


Nemo said...

Xosaurus, man, it was invented by paleontologists solely for the puproswe of completing the dino-alphabet. I am severely, disappointed in you

Crazy Guy said...

U for Utah Raptor. HA!!!

Crazy Guy said...


Crazy Guy said...


Crazy Guy said...

sorry, jubbuluria

Crazy Guy said...

Zuniceratops. COMPLETE!!!!!!