Monday, July 6, 2009

Various Thoughts From Camp

Well, here's just some thoughts and quotes from camp:

Damn Swedes, they're beating us in the spork race. They've already mastered the Sporf, far beyond the simple "Sporks" we're still messing with. As of now, it looks like socialism is the way to go, but, just like against the Russians, I have confidence that the US will prevail! This is why, although I have a Sporf, I find that the Ka-Bar Hobo (Similar One) is far a better tool. So remember, buy American Made!

Also, I found out that they replaced the "Cookie Monster" with the "Veggie Monster" most would assume that they just wanted to make it "Healthier", but I realized that the Cookie Monster had OD'd, what do you think was in those cookies, causeing him to eat them that obsessivly....

Also, in the debate of whether Sonic or Shadow is better, I just have to say, Speedy Gonzales kicks both of thier rear ends!

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