Thursday, September 4, 2008

Frogger and the Blargapuss

Well, I got a HTML Write-up of the classic 80's game frogger (I hope...), and You'll (Hopefully) find it at the bottom of this post. But it is not mine! At all!  But I hope you like it.

Also, I recently got Google Chrome, which is insanely cool. If you have Internet Explorer, definitely switch! It automatically imports your bookmarks/favorites from your old browser, has a new tab system, where you can pull them off for new items, awesome address bar, and a whole lot more. The only problem is that it needs some more/newer plug ins to work completely. If you download it, read the informational comic, Go Google Chrome!

Onto the Blargapuss, in ancient times, when the world was strived by war and conflicts, a group of dark mages gathered deep in the forest on a moonless night, and sacrificed their powers to create the ultimate being. The Blargapuss was created. Sadly for the mages, they were ambushed by a pack of wolves, who, sensing the power of the Blargapuss, grabbed it, and became mad with power. For the next to centuries, the Lycans would terrorize Eastern Europe. But tensions grew, and the humans were fighting back. Eventually, the race disappeared, but the Blargapuss lived on. A passing lizard sunned on a "rock" for too long, and woke up very different. He grabbed the Blargapuss, and found a cave. Dragons were born. They prospered, but eventually, they too, lost control of the power. They either went into hiding, or disappeared. One of king Arthur's knight's, Sir Galahad, found the Blargapuss, and became the most powerful knight in all of Europe. somehow, along the way, minuscule amounts of Blargapuss residue became airborne, and floated to the island nation of Japan, where a select few either gained immense power, or agility, those few would become the stuff of legends, the world over. After Galahad passed on, Arthur claimed the Blargapuss. England was successful for centuries. But one late one night, a few Scottish rebels snuck into the palace, and stole the Blargapuss. William Wallace defended the Blargapuss, but the British fought to reclaim the Blargapuss, somehow, in the conflict, the Blargapuss, was lost. 
Centuries later, when American colonists found the Blargapuss, they saw it's potential, and broke away from England. War was waged again, at the hands of the Blargapuss. When things looked bleakest for the Rebels, they used the Blargapuss to force a British surrender. The newly formed nation revolved around the source of power. But a foolish (redheaded) leader, traded the source of ultimate power, to France, for thousands of acres of land. The French leader Napoleon waged war on Europe, using the Blargapusses power, keeping his hand on it at all times. But he lost support of his people, and the Blargapuss was lost to history again. 
After a night on the town, Arch Duke Ferdinand found a odd object, only to be killed the next day. The world was plunged into war again. over nine million people would eventually die. But, even through all the horror, the Blargapuss disappeared. Or so the world thought. A young British soldier from Whales picked up, and almost was hit by Artillery. He returned to England, and buried it on top of the first mountain in Whales, realizing the destructive power of the Blargapuss. The sudden lack of the Blargapuss launched the world into a depression for years. Eventually, humans learned to live without the Blargapuss, except for one hopeful German. Adolph Hitler. He wielded the power of the Blargapuss, and crushed any resistance in his way. The Britons, learning from their past two confrontations with the Blargapuss, teamed up with the United States, and defeated the Germans.
Near the end of the War, U.S. scientists discovered the Blargapuss, and harnessed it's power to something capable of leveling a city. The Soviets saw this, and countered it. Spies stole the Blargapuss, and sent it off to the Soviet Union. The Americans at first thought that they saw their fake plans, and attacked Korea, then Vietnam. When the Soviets first launched the Sputnik, the Americans instantly realized that they had the Blargapuss., and were leaving on the moon. U.S. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin retrived the Blargapuss, but didn't get out of the shuttle first, and Niel became famous, additionally, the American Government didn't want the public to know about the Blargapuss, and covered it up. The Russians never knew the Americans got the Blargapuss, and the Blargapuss faded into the stuff of legend. It currently resides in an undisclosed location at the Nation's capital, waiting for it's time, ready to use it at a moment's notice.

Yeah, I know it was really long... See how much clearer History is now? Feel free to comment on it

Now, what you've all been waiting for! Frogger! It's a link!? What!?! Oh well...