Friday, August 29, 2008

Ground Zer0

Well, to start off, I'm a Redhead, and a Ginger. I created this blog to chronicle the Gingerism that takes place in my life... Not really, I just wanted to post some stuff on the interweb about myself. Be prepared to see stories, articles, my day to day life. All that crap. Also, every piece of work I post was written by me, unless otherwise specified. Plagiarism is bad.
Here's a Poem, to start off this insanity:
Have you ever stopped to think about the
Underappreciated sock?
Save a lucky few, they're condemned
to a fate of service.
Or is it a voluntary position? Do they do it for us-
and put up with the pain?
The stench, like a rotting body,
is endured without a word.
Nearly drowned, they emerge stark-white
and paralyzed,
then back through the cycle,
a never ending terror,
until they're too old or weak,
and give up, never to work again.
But through all their suffering, they stay true,
protecting us from the elements,
keeping out the cold,
Saving us, preventing stinging, burning, pain.
Do they yearn for the time they get,
out in the open, a chance to breathe?
How can something so rarely given thought,
Do so much?

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