Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Avatar Special Edition

     Well, here's my two cents on Avatar Special Edition coming out soon. So, I personally enjoyed watching Avatar in theaters, it had Superb 3D, a ton of cool stuff, and was amazing from the technical standpoint. But looking back, the plot wasn't that good. But, it made up for it with all the aforementioned cool stuff (What an awesome spaceship!). That said, from what I understand, Avatar Special Edition in Theaters is just James Cameron selling the deleted scenes to get even more money. There'll be more cool stuff, but my guess is that the plot's not going to get a whole lot better. Does that mean I don't want to see it? Nah, I'm definitely spending the $14 to go see essentially the same movie in theaters again. If you disagree with me, keep in mind that the title of this blog is an impromptu disclaimer, but feel free to write about it down there in the comments.

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